Data: CME Bitcoin futures trading volume dropped sharply last week

According to Skew market data, the volume of bitcoin futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) dropped sharply last week. The trading volume on March 27 was slightly higher than US $ 100 million, the lowest level in the past three weeks, and was comparable to the volume in early March, when the price hovered around US $ 8,000. Last week, the number of contracts traded reached 3029, with each contract representing 5 bitcoins. As traders begin to close positions, the decline in trading volume coincides with the decrease in open positions. As of press time, the value of open exchanges and active positions on the exchange was $ 126 million, an increase of $ 20 million since the beginning of March, but a decrease of 2 since the open contracts in mid-February exceeded $ 325 million One hundred million U.S. dollars.