Analyst: Bitcoin does not follow the "four-year model", the rise cycle will start again in 2022

Crypto analyst Benjamin Cohen posted a video questioning the cyclical price theory held by many crypto advocates. By studying Bitcoin's four-year price trend, Cohen asserted that Bitcoin did not follow this identifiable pattern. As we all know, Bitcoin experienced two important periods of price growth, which occurred in 2012 and 2016, respectively. Therefore, there is reason to believe that when halving in May this year, crypto advocates expect similar price spikes. However, Cohen pointed out that market data shows that Bitcoin's value growth has not followed such a simple four-year model. Rather, it can be seen from the beginning of Bitcoin's birth that it has a series of peaks and troughs over several longer periods. As their market value grows, these trends will last longer. If Cohen is right, Bitcoin will maintain its so-called "accumulation period" until 2022, when the price of Bitcoin will start to rise again. It is worth noting that Cohen has long been bullish on Bitcoin and the entire crypto market. He has stated in the past that in the next few years, the total value of cryptocurrencies may exceed $ 11 trillion, and the price of Bitcoin will exceed $ 100,000.