Zhongnan Intelligent Developed Fully Automatic Traceable Mask Production System Integrated with Blockchain and Other Technologies

On March 11, a successful one-time trial run of the fully automatic traceable mask production system developed by Zhongnan Intelligent, a subsidiary of Hunan Xiangtou Holding Group. After receiving an order from a superior, Zhongnan Intelligent quickly set up a 20-person research and development team, applied digital twin technology, and stepped up the development of a fully automatic mask production system. The design plan was completed in 1 day, the drawing was produced in 2 days, and the mask machine was developed in 13 days. Zhongnan Intelligent also organized the smart textile business department, procurement department, production service department and other collaborative efforts to overcome difficulties and accelerate the production of mask machines. The person in charge of the project said: "Because there are fully automatic mask production systems integrating the application of robots, machine vision inspection and blockchain technology, only two people can be deployed to achieve the full-process production from raw materials to storage, which can effectively reduce labor Participate and achieve quality traceability. "