In the past week, the transaction value on the bitcoin chain has dropped, and the number of transactions has continued to be at a recent low.

According to Tokenview data, in the past week (03.23-03.29), the amount of transfers on the Bitcoin chain dropped, and the difficulty of mining on the entire network dropped by 15.95%. In terms of basic indicators on the chain, the average number of newly added addresses on the 7th was 345,100, a decrease of 0.58% month-on-month, and the average number of active addresses was 702,100, a rise of 2.83%. The average value of on-chain transactions on the 7th was 942,900 BTC, a decrease of 21.59% month-on-month; the average daily number of transactions was 256,900; the chain rose by 0.76%. The current mining difficulty of the entire network is 13.91 T, which is 15.95% lower than last week.