Sina and Wuliangye “cloud signing” will carry out in-depth cooperation in cutting-edge technology application areas

On March 30, Sina and Wuliangye strategically signed a contract to hold a "cloud launch conference." The two parties announced that they would conduct in-depth cooperation in the areas of brand building, new media smart marketing, and blockchain front-end technology applications. Wuliangye Chairman Li Shuguang said that digital marketing is the unwavering direction of Wuliangye's marketing transformation. The strategic cooperation with Sina will set up a new model in areas such as consumer services, new media smart marketing, and blockchain advanced technology applications. The value discovery of famous wines provides a new platform. The launch of the Baijiu blockchain project is a new initiative to open up the online market, and it is a new empowerment for Sina to innovate the marketing model of Chinese liquor.