PeckShield: Do not rule out the possibility that TSC is the wave field TronBank Pro attacker

According to PeckShield data from blockchain security company, up to now, the wavefield TronBank Pro has been robbed by hackers and lost 26.63 million TRXs, and more than 13 million TRXs have flowed into the Onan Exchange. The analysis found that: 1. The third-party service platform TSC knew the existence of “back door” before the TronBank Pro contract was launched on April 28, and deployed the same test contract as TronBank Pro before 17:35 on the 28th. At 23:00 that evening, an attack attempt was made to the TronBank Pro contract. Based on this, two possible conclusions can be drawn: (1) The TronBank Pro project party knew that the project was vulnerable before the contract was launched, but still went online; (2) The third-party service platform TSC found the problem and did not inform the project. Fang, and there is the possibility of waiting for an "attack". 2. The third-party service platform TSC once again launched an attack attack on the test contract and succeeded at 10:12 am on April 30 after the project contract was launched. Based on this unfoldable analysis inference: (1) TSC did not immediately attack the project contract, and may wait for the fund pool to grow and wait for the opportunity; (2) TSC was accidentally intercepted by other hackers before starting to start, and implemented one step ahead. Attack; (3) There is no correlation between TSC and the implementation of the attack hacker wojak.