WHO, IBM and Microsoft jointly develop blockchain project MiPasa to build a hot map of people with new crown pneumonia infection

According to Decrypt on March 30, in order to make it easier for people to see if they have contacted anyone infected with the new crown virus COVID-19, the World Health Organization (WHO) and technology giants IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and the decentralized platform Hacera The collaboration created an open data blockchain hub.

Help fight the new crown, WHO, IBM and Microsoft jointly develop blockchain center

The aforementioned project, based on the enterprise blockchain Hyperledger Fabric, is called MiPasa, and it includes a variety of analytical tools and data sources to help citizens and public health officials find out about new crown virus infections.

Hacera wrote in a blog post on Friday:

Public health officials and users who use the system can upload data on the time of infection and the exact location of patients.

It is worth noting that MiPasa does not collect any personal information from users, but if someone nearby is infected with the new crown virus, MiPasa will promptly remind them.

Hacera said that MiPasa has received data from the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and the Israeli Ministry of Public Health, and the project is currently using the data to build a heat map of all infected people.

Hacera wrote in his latest blog post:

The data analysis and privacy tools used by MiPasa were previously only open to some important financial institutions.

A multidisciplinary team of health professionals, software and application developers, and privacy experts has begun supporting the project. The decentralized platform Unbounded Network is responsible for system data online.

Johns Hopkins University, the Hong Kong Department of Health, the National Health Council of China, the United States and European Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Canadian government have also joined MiPasa.

Decrypt previously reported that MIT experts are developing an application similar to tracking coronavirus, which also puts users' privacy first, but it does not use blockchain technology. The app will remain anonymous to uninfected users and will promptly notify those who have close contact with patients with New Crown.

It is very important to maintain the integrity of the information when the patient's life is threatened, and because of the immutability of blockchain technology, it is usually the best choice to create a verifiable database project.

Elastos DMA, a Shanghai-based blockchain company, announced earlier this month that it is developing an application that records user health information on the blockchain. This application, called GreenPass, encrypts the user's location information and stores the hash value corresponding to the user data on the blockchain.

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