Hunan's 2.7 billion yuan launches "digital infrastructure" involving 86 big data and key blockchain projects

Source of this article: Hunan Daily, original title "Selection and Cultivation of 86 Key Projects of Big Data and Blockchain Industry Development with a Total Investment of 2.7 Billion-Hunan Promotes" Digital Infrastructure ""

Author: Cao Xian

The era of "digital infrastructure" represented by 5G, the Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet, and new energy has come.

On March 29, Xiong Chen, the chief economist of the Provincial Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, revealed in an interview with reporters that 86 major data and high-tech key projects with high technological content, good early-stage foundation and promising project prospects have been selected. Invested more than 2.7 billion yuan to accelerate the construction of new infrastructure and cultivate new growth points for the big data and blockchain industry.

The reporter found that 86 projects covered many aspects of social production and life, mainly focusing on digital infrastructure, industrial intelligence, livelihood services, public management, and blockchain technology applications.

Several big data centers accelerate construction

During the epidemic, various "cloud economies" such as "online resumption of production and resumption of production", "live broadcasting with cargo", and other "cloud economies" were in flames without the continuous improvement of digital infrastructure.

Currently, the construction of several big data centers in the province is accelerating. In Yiyang Hi-tech Zone, Hunan Furong Yuntong Information Technology Co., Ltd. invested 65 million yuan to build the Furong Cloud Big Data Center project, to build the highest specification cloud computing data center, cloud computing platform and cloud computing management center. The first phase of the project has been completed. 6000 cabinets were put into operation, and the second-phase construction project is in full swing.

To make transportation more convenient and logistics faster, a number of traditional infrastructures have been digitally transformed and upgraded. Provincial Transportation Research Institute Co., Ltd. builds a provincial transportation big data platform and application demonstration project. It plans to build a big data center and identification of traffic demand in two years, monitoring and evaluation of traffic conditions, monitoring and early warning of transportation safety, and transportation infrastructure. The four major platforms for operation and maintenance monitoring will significantly improve traffic conditions after completion; the integrated network freight public service platform developed by Hunan Guolianjie Logistics Co., Ltd. can execute and monitor the entire process of each waybill, online payment settlement and settlement, and waybill Full cycle visualization.

Serving people's livelihood and improving public management capabilities

Recently, Shengxiang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. submitted an IPO application to the science and technology board. This in-vitro diagnostic overall solution provider with independent innovation gene technology as its core, launched the POCT mobile molecular diagnostic system last year, which can improve the molecular diagnostic testing efficiency from "hourly" to "minutely", allowing molecular diagnosis to start from Large hospitals "walked into" communities, grassroots health centers, customs, ranches, the military, and even families.

This time, Shengxiang Bio's molecular diagnostic gene testing and key technology applications and industrialization projects for remote diagnosis at the grassroots level are committed to truly realizing simple, high-throughput, and efficient automated gene testing.

In the field of culture and education, Hengyang Shengda Information Technology Co., Ltd. builds a smart campus project based on big data; in the field of agricultural production, Changde Qiteng Aquatic Services Co., Ltd. builds a fisheries network aquatic big data platform to solve the long cycle of the aquatic industry, labor intensity, and sales channels Single and other issues.

The sudden outbreak of new crown pneumonia has challenged the government's public management capabilities. Shaodong Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. has developed an intelligent body temperature monitoring epidemic prevention and control cloud platform that integrates identification, which will effectively improve the efficiency of epidemic prevention and control and emergency response; Changsha Change Rate Information Technology Co., Ltd. builds a smart city underground integrated gallery corridor Internet of Things Management system to resolve the contradiction between rapid urbanization and backward infrastructure construction.

Digital blessing "Made in Hunan"

Under the blessing of digitalization, the comprehensive strength of "Made in Hunan" is constantly being strengthened.

Zoomlion deepens the application of big data and blockchain technology in the construction machinery manufacturing industry, and strives to breakthrough industrial big data technology applications, computer vision, predictive maintenance, stock forecasting, production scheduling, three-dimensional visual monitoring, gateway security, A series of pain points such as intelligent hardware.

Lansi Technology invested 100 million yuan to build an IoT operation management platform for the grinder production line, which monitors and monitors the production process in real time and performs big data analysis to reduce the failure rate of operations and improve production efficiency. After the successful implementation of the project, it is expected that the total cost savings of the group will be 55 million yuan per year.

With only three actions of “one shot, two trials, three fixes”, users can purchase personalized and customized clothing in the shortest two hours. Hunan Suke Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is accelerating the construction of a data-driven Internet platform for the apparel industry. The project has cooperated with many large domestic apparel companies such as Jiangsu Cathile, San Desi, Hunan Passit, etc., to jointly build an industrial internet platform for the Zhuzhou apparel industry, and realize the transformation and upgrading of the Zhuzhou apparel industry. At present, it has cumulatively helped nearly 200,000 sets of custom-made garments, with an average increase in clothing delivery efficiency of 44.4% and a reduction in volume cost by 80%.

Blockchain exploration multi-scenario application layout

Blockchain is not far away. Multiple projects this time explored the blockchain application layout in scenarios such as city management, food traceability, and financial services.

"Breaking the status quo of" chimneys "and building a" one web "for urban management. Hunan Hunan Chuangchuang Information Technology Co., Ltd. builds a blockchain grid city management information platform that will report the epidemic data and government and transportation management Data fusion of platforms such as travel, medical services, and medical services provides technical and data support for government prevention and control, resumption of work and production, and smarter urban governance.

The blockchain has the characteristics of distributed storage, multi-party maintenance, non-tampering, and smart contracts. Sunshine Tesco (Hunan) Technology Co., Ltd. uses this feature to build a food safety supervision and traceability platform with true and effective data, and online food procurement information. , Supplier information and catering information are stored on-chain, forming a food safety social governance model of government supervision, enterprise self-discipline, technical support from inspection and testing institutions, and consumer participation.

"Chain Enterprise Bank" financial data comprehensive service platform is based on massive trusted data by Hunan Defangzhichain Technology Co., Ltd. to develop a variety of big data risk control models to "accurate portraits" of SMEs. Corporate financing has shifted from "asset dependence" to "data dependence", thereby establishing a new trust system for small and medium-sized enterprises composed of local investment companies, banks, governments, and enterprises.

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