BTC broke below the bullish trend line, focusing on whether the rebound can stand above $ 6300 in the day

According to the OKEx spot display, as of the start of the European session, BTC temporarily reported at $ 6245.4 (1.85%). BTC, which has been trading above US $ 6,400 for a long time, finally failed to continue the large-scale rebound trend over the weekend, and quickly fell below US $ 6,000. After stabilizing near US $ 5,850, it has now rebounded below US $ 6,300. OKEx analyst Neo believes that as the short-term heavy currency price falls below the upward trend line, it means that the rebound in this stage has come to an end. However, the downside depends on the strength of the short-term rebound. If the currency price can quickly stand back above $ 6300 and stabilize, Then 5850 USD will become a relatively strong short-term bottom. Conversely, the currency price may drop further to the vicinity of 5500 USD and get out of the double bottom pattern.