Media: Blockchain fund dish "Silicon Valley Block Chicken" suspected to be on the road, the amount involved may reach 10 billion

According to the Beijing Time Financial Report, recently, some reporters reported that a blockchain fund called "Silicon Valley Block Chicken" was suspected of crashing and running, and related apps could not log in. A large number of investors lost principals ranging from several hundred thousand yuan to several million yuan. According to some investors' estimates, the total amount of "Silicon Valley Chicken" and its related funds may be as high as 10 billion yuan. It is reported that the operating principal of "Silicon Valley Block Chicken" is Liaoning Haoyang Technology Co., Ltd. The actual controller of the company is Guan Xin. At present, Guan Xin has been listed as a breach of trust by the People's Court of Lianshan District, Huludao, Liaoning Province.