Industry Blockchain Weekly News 丨 Listed companies enter annual report season, blockchain becomes a key word

In terms of policy, Guangzhou released the country's first industrial policy for "new infrastructure", Hunan announced "2020 Hunan Province's Big Data and Blockchain Industry Development Key Projects", and 16 blockchain projects were shortlisted. In terms of industrial research, the "new infrastructure" enthusiasm of the blockchain to empower is unabated. In terms of applications, all the blockchain service networks (BSNs) in 14 cities and prefectures in Gansu have been completed, and the number of urban nodes ranks second in the country. In terms of listed companies, the key words of the blockchain annual report, and the bank become the main force.

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Industrial policy: Guangzhou released the country's first industrial policy for "new infrastructure"

Beijing: Promote the application of blockchain and other technologies in government affairs

On March 27th, the 20th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 15th National People's Congress of Beijing Municipality voted to pass the "Beijing Regulations for Optimizing the Business Environment", which will be implemented on April 28 this year. According to the regulations, Beijing will promote the use of an auxiliary financial and tax declaration system, provide market entities with automatic conversion services of financial statements and tax return data, implement consolidated declarations for social insurance, medical insurance, and housing provident funds, pay online, and implement value-added tax using blockchain technology. Electronic special invoices and other electronic bills. Aiming at the problems of incomplete, inadequate online work, insufficient and timely data sharing, the Regulations emphasize the promotion of the application of new-generation information technologies such as blockchain in the field of government affairs, and provide standardized, convenient and efficient government affairs for market players. service.

Guangzhou: Release of China's First Industrial Policy for "New Infrastructure" to Create a New Height in the Digital Economy

On March 29, Huangpu District, Guangzhou Development Zone, and Guangzhou High-tech Zone released the “Ten Articles on Accelerating the“ New Infrastructure ”to Promote the Development of Digital Economy” (Guangzhou Huangpu District, Guangzhou Development Zone, Guangzhou High-tech Zone) The country's first industrial policy for "new infrastructure". Among them, the Yuzhu area will focus on the deployment of new artificial intelligence infrastructure to create a Guangzhou artificial intelligence and digital economy experimental area. Overall planning of 25 square kilometers, with China Software CBD as the core of the region, focusing on creating "one district" (a software district featuring blockchain) and "one town" (an artificial intelligence center with Pan-Zhejiang Industrial Innovation Park as the core) Town (Hengsha)). Accelerate the creation of a new height of digital economy with the integration and development of key technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Shanghai: Pudong New Area supports demonstration applications of new technologies and new products in blockchain and other fields

On March 26, Pudong New Area issued “Pudong New Area's Several Policies to Promote the High-quality Development of Key Advantageous Industries” and interpreted the action plan for doubling the advantages of scientific and technological innovation functions and doubling the industrial energy level. According to Pudong New Area's industrial energy level doubling action plan, by 2025, six hard-core industrial clusters with a scale of "100 billion" will be formed. Support demonstration and application. Encourage the application and sales of high-end integrated circuit products, 5G core equipment and supporting products, and innovative products based on 5G networks, support application scenario demonstrations, functional platforms, and other projects in key industries, and support blockchain, edge computing, heterogeneous computing, large-scale Demonstration applications of new technologies and new products in data and other fields.

Zhejiang: Implement new consumer actions for digital living, expand technology applications such as blockchain

On March 24, Zhejiang issued the "Implementation Opinions of the General Office of the People's Government of Zhejiang Province on Promoting Consumption and Promoting Stable Economic Growth". The "Opinions" mentioned that the implementation of new consumer actions for digital life and the expansion of new areas of smart consumption. Actively carry out artificial intelligence application pilots in the consumer service field, enrich 5G technology application scenarios, expand the application of new technologies such as the Internet, the Internet of Things, blockchain, 5G + 4K, and accelerate the development of wearable devices, mobile smart terminals, smart homes, and 4K video Intelligent products such as terminals, medical electronics, and medical robots will drive new consumption of 5G intelligent terminals and AⅠ intelligent services. Accelerate the construction of 5G network infrastructure and expand the coverage of 4K users.

Hunan: Announced "2020 Hunan Province Big Data and Blockchain Industry Development Key Projects"

On March 27, the Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced the announcement of the “2020 Hunan Province Big Data and Blockchain Industry Development Key Project” Notice. According to the application and evaluation by experts, 86 projects including “Typical Demonstration Application of Big Data and Blockchain in Construction Machinery Manufacturing Industry” were identified as the key projects for the development of big data and blockchain industry in Hunan Province in 2020, of which 16 were Projects in the direction of the blockchain.

Jiangxi: Ganjiang New District Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Innovation City will highlight blockchain technology applications and other features

On March 26, the Jiangxi Ganjiang New Area studied and formulated the "General Implementation Plan and Three-Year Action Plan for the Smart New Area (2020-2022)". The Ganjiang New Area will build a "global integration" joint development, "one area, two cities" (China Medical Science and Technology Innovation City, Rulehu New City) has distinctive characteristics, and features of "production, living, ecology" integration, leading domestic and international first-class high-quality, intelligent development model area. Among them, the intelligent construction of the traditional Chinese medicine science and technology innovation city is closely centered on the elements of traditional Chinese medicine, highlighting the characteristic highlights of traditional Chinese medicine smart factories, the application of blockchain technology, innovative research and development, and exhibition and trading, and creating a unique service system with industry-city integration.


Guangzhou and Hunan performed very brightly. In the face of new opportunities, new technologies dared to eat crabs first. The former released the country's first industrial policy for "new infrastructure" to create a new height of the digital economy. The “Key Projects of Hunan Province's Big Data and Blockchain Industry Development 2020” announced by the latter is the landing results of the top ten key projects of Hunan Digital Economy Development Plan (2020-2025) issued by Hunan on February 6, It should be noted that these key projects were announced less than two months after the Hunan Digital Economy Development Plan (2020-2025), and 16 blockchain projects were shortlisted. Hunan ’s policy on developing blockchains The intensity and speed of implementation is beyond that of other provincial units in 2020.

Industry research: Blockchain empowers "new infrastructure"

China Academy of Information and Communications Technology: Establishing Agricultural and Rural Trustworthy Blockchain Project Team

The China Trust and Communications Institute “Trusted Blockchain Promotion Plan” recently established the Agricultural and Rural Trustworthy Blockchain Project Team. The Agricultural and Rural Trustworthy Blockchain Project Team will base on the development characteristics and actual needs of the agricultural and rural areas to fully utilize the block The technical characteristics and mechanism concept of the chain actively explore the organic integration of blockchain technology with the agricultural and rural industrial chain, supply chain, and value chain. The project team will focus on building "three platforms and one base". The "three platforms" are: technology application research and development platforms. Industry standard compilation platform. Technology industry docking platform. "One Base" is a typical application incubation base for agricultural and rural blockchains.

Report: 2020 blockchain becomes an important player in supply chain finance, ABS, and trade finance innovation

On March 28th, the "Power Blockchain Financial Scenario Application Report" of the Think Tank was released. The report points out that in 2020, blockchain will become an important player in supply chain finance, ABS, and trade finance innovation. In the constantly accelerating digitalization process, financial institutions have to accelerate the pace of financial business innovation. Blockchain technology, as an important driving force for the development of the digital economy, will also become an important bridge for the financial industry to embrace the digital economy.

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Qu Qiang: Blockchain empowers "new infrastructure"

Qu Qiang, a doctoral supervisor of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, recently said that data management capabilities include four major capabilities, namely data collection and storage capabilities, data interconnection and fusion capabilities, data security and supervision capabilities, and data knowledge and application capabilities. In the areas of data interconnection, sharing and collaboration, security and supervision, the application of blockchain technology is indispensable and plays a fundamental supporting role. The new infrastructure is divided into three layers. The lowest level is core information digital technologies such as 5G, big data, artificial intelligence and the Industrial Internet. The middle level is supporting facilities such as intercity high-speed railways, urban rail transit, and charging piles. Construction goals of cities and smart economy.


Blockchain empowerment of "new infrastructure" has continued, with support and opposition. Proponents As mentioned above, the blockchain is an indispensable technology to support data interconnection, sharing and collaboration, security and supervision. Opponents such as Xu Xiaonian, a professor of economics and finance at the China Europe International Business School, totally rejected blockchain and new infrastructure. He not only forbids students from talking about blockchain, but also thinks that the new infrastructure to stimulate new economic growth is "painting cakes to hunger."

Industrial Application: Will BSN in the Blockchain Era Become Fetion in the Internet Era?

Sina and Wuliangye “cloud signing” will carry out in-depth cooperation in cutting-edge technology application areas

On March 30, Sina and Wuliangye strategically signed a contract to hold a "cloud launch conference." The two parties announced that they would conduct in-depth cooperation in the areas of brand building, new media smart marketing, and blockchain front-end technology applications. Wuliangye Chairman Li Shuguang said that digital marketing is the unwavering direction of Wuliangye's marketing transformation. The strategic cooperation with Sina will set up a new model in areas such as consumer services, new media smart marketing, and blockchain advanced technology applications. The value discovery of famous wines provides a new platform. The launch of the Baijiu blockchain project is a new initiative to open up the online market, and it is a new empowerment for Sina to innovate the marketing model of Chinese liquor.

Gansu: All 14 cities and prefectures have completed the construction of a blockchain service network

On March 26, as the Dingxi Blockchain Service Network (BSN) passed the BSN Development Alliance's network access review and was allowed to enter the Blockchain Service Network, all the Blockchain Service Networks (BSNs) in 14 cities and prefectures in Gansu were completed. . As of now, China Mobile has built 69 blockchain city nodes across the country and 14 in Gansu, ranking second in the country in terms of the number of city nodes.

State Post Office: Blockchain technology will accelerate from concept construction to scene landing

On March 27, the State Post Bureau announced that it expects the express delivery business to exceed 74 billion units in 2020, an increase of 18% year-on-year. The State Post Bureau also said that the intelligent development of the express delivery industry is accelerating, 5G and the Industrial Internet will promote the deep integration of the industry and intelligent manufacturing; blockchain technology will accelerate the transformation from concept construction to the implementation of scenarios; big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence pass information Connectivity and deep learning continue to accelerate the digital development process of the industry; unmanned technology has gradually matured, and operating efficiency has increased multiples.

Guangzhou City: Building a Traceability Platform for Edible Agricultural Products with Blockchain and Other Technologies as the Core

On March 24, Guangzhou created a Guangzhou edible agricultural product traceability platform with blockchain, AI (artificial intelligence) technology, big data, and cloud computing as its core technologies. The platform uses blockchain technology to upload open information such as market access, daily inspection and supervision, inspection, inspection, and law enforcement by merchant operators, market developers, and regulatory authorities to the blockchain, and all data is automatically generated electronically. label. At the same time, combined with AI ticket identification technology, the authenticity and validity of the information such as the bills deposited in the blockchain are checked. Up to now, the platform has covered 8018 operating entities in 90 markets in Guangzhou. The traceability certificate of agricultural products circulation has reached 4.667 million orders. The average daily report rate of merchants has reached 95%. The average daily inspection of abnormal tickets accounts for 5% of the total tickets. And regional food safety risks.

Guangzhou mobile government service platform APP combines blockchain to create a personal data center

On March 27, Guangzhou ’s “Sui Hao Ban” APP, a mobile government service platform for the masses and enterprises, was launched, launching the first batch of over 500 personal and corporate services. "Sui Hao Ban" uses big data analysis, combined with blockchain application technology, to classify associations around life scenarios and events, form a "I" relationship chain, create a personal data center, and become a citizen's smart life steward.


When I saw BSN, I couldn't help but think of the former Fetion. Both were participated by China Mobile and were born at the turning point of Internet technology. Fetion was born in 2007 and is in the era of 2G to 3G transition. BSN proposed at the end of 2019. It is expected to go online in April this year, and it is in the era of transition from 4G to 5G. Fetion's function is to provide users with instant messaging, and BSN's positioning is a global infrastructure network. Fetion was once brilliant but ultimately failed. It remains to be seen what the future of BSN will be.

Listed companies: Key words of blockchain annual report, banks are the main force

Construction Bank: Actively promote the construction of fintech infrastructure platforms such as blockchain

On March 29, China Construction Bank announced its 2019 operating results. According to the annual report, China Construction Bank consolidated the foundation of fintech and actively promoted the construction of fintech platforms such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things. Create a co-evolutionary smart finance internally, and promote the improvement of digital operation and management capabilities.

China Everbright Bank: Promoting Digital Transformation of Banking Business

On the evening of March 27, China Everbright Bank released its 2019 annual report. The report pointed out in the main business summary that the implementation of the technology investment doubling plan, the large-scale application of artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, cloud computing technology, to promote the digital transformation of banking business.

Bank of China: Make full use of new technologies such as blockchain to improve technology application level

On March 27, the Bank of China issued its 2019 annual report. The report stated that adhere to the customer-centric, proactively adapt to the trend of digital transformation, make full use of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, improve the level of technological application, innovate and optimize the product system, improve the system architecture, promote the improvement of customer experience, and realize customer value Win-win with bank value.

ICBC: will continue to strengthen the development and application of new technologies such as blockchain

On March 27, ICBC disclosed its 2019 annual performance report and held a performance conference. Industrial and Commercial Bank President Gu Yan said that this year will continue to improve technical hard power. The ECOS project was released last year. This year, it will further advance the ECOS project, optimize the business structure in key areas, and continue to strengthen the research and development and application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things.

Zheshang Bank: Make full use of new technologies such as blockchain to create a "self-finance" platform for enterprises

On March 29, Zheshang Bank released the summary of the 2019 annual report. In 2019, the company will fully utilize new technologies such as the Internet, big data, and blockchain to meet the needs of corporate liquidity management to form a pooled financing platform, an easy enterprise banking platform, Receivables chain platform, based on which to achieve a series of business model innovation, to create an open, equal and efficient "self-finance" platform for enterprises, has formed a unique market competitive advantage.

TOPIX Futures: Two core competitiveness will be created through blockchain, etc.

On March 28, Orient Securities issued its 2019 annual report. The report said that in the future, TOPIX Futures will adhere to the main line of fintech to facilitate the development of derivatives, and build two core competitiveness of research and technology through financial technology such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.

Ruikang Pharmaceutical: Auspicious Sky blockchain medical health service platform launched

On March 24th, Jixiangtian blockchain medical and health service platform (referred to as Jixiangtian Platform) of Ruikang Pharmaceutical was officially launched and began to provide services to the outside world. As a domestic pharmaceutical circulation leader, Ruikang Pharmaceutical has always sought to transform the supply chain ecology of the pharmaceutical industry. It hopes to build a financial information service technology platform for the upstream and downstream of the service industry. With the help of financial tools and technology, it can solve the financing of small, medium and micro enterprises Difficult and expensive financing issues.

Bosi Software: Proposed to establish a joint venture to provide electronic bill business based on blockchain and other technologies

On March 27, Bosi Software announced that the company plans to jointly establish a joint venture company "Fuzhou Bosi Yunyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd." with Boyi Tongchuang. The registered capital of the joint venture is 10 million yuan, of which the company invested 5.1 million yuan , Accounting for 51.00% of the registered capital. The joint venture will focus on electronic bills, socialization of electronic vouchers and other businesses, and provide enterprises, institutions and the public with financial and tax paperless infrastructure and business intelligence services based on blockchain and other technologies.

State Micro Holdings: Revenue declines during the year due to suspension of blockchain business in 19 years

On March 27, Guowei Holdings announced its 2019 annual results. The group's revenue for the year was US $ 38.997 million, a year-on-year decrease of 7.8%. The announcement shows that the decline in revenue during the year was mainly due to the Group's suspension of the blockchain business in 2019.


Listed companies have ushered in a period of intensive disclosure of annual reports. Blockchain has become a hot word. Listed companies are vying to show their muscles, especially banks are the most active. However, from the annual reports disclosed by some companies, the quality of the blockchain is not very bright.

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