Guangzhou: Accelerating key application technologies for digital economy

According to the Associated Press, the executive meeting of the Guangzhou Municipal Government today reviewed and approved "Several Measures on Accelerating the Building of a Digital Economy Innovation-Leading City", which is called the "Digital Document No. 1" of the Guangzhou Digital Economy. The document proposes to focus on future technologies and accelerate key scientific and technological breakthroughs in the digital economy. The policy proposes technological research tasks in the areas of next-generation information technology, cross-integration of artificial intelligence and biomedicine, 5G radio frequency front-end chips, new displays, digital creativity, etc., clearly focusing on research directions and specific subdivided areas, and attracting global investment. Strive to build national benchmarks in competitive areas and participate in international competition. Among them, the biomedical innovation achievements industrialization project can give up to 100 million yuan support.