Telegram fights sale of tokens to non-U.S. Investors after ban

According to CoinDesk, Telegram is seeking more detailed injunctions from U.S. regulators in an effort to sell tokens to non-U.S. Investors after being banned by a federal judge in New York on the issue of Telegram tokens. In a letter to Judge Castel on Friday, Alexander Drylewsky, a lawyer representing Telegram, asked the court to clarify whether the ban applies to TON's non-US investors. The court documents show that in two rounds of financing in February 2018 and March 2018, about a quarter of the $ 1.7 billion raised by Telegram ($ 424.5 million) came from U.S. investors. Telegram believes that the rest of the funds raised should not be subject to US securities laws. According to Telegram, the company is willing to take measures to isolate US investors while still fulfilling its obligations to non-US investors. The letter reads, "At the request of the court, the defendant will take safeguards to prevent future non-US private equity purchasers from reselling Gram tokens to U.S. purchasers." For example, non-U.S. Investors only plan to resell Gram tokens in the U.S. Gram can only be received on sale, Telegram may take measures such as "configuring" the TON digital wallet to exclude US investor addresses.