Luohe City, Henan Province uses blockchain technology to transform the core business system of the Housing Provident Fund Center

Luohe City released the 2019 Annual Report on Housing Provident Fund. The information construction of Luohe Housing Provident Fund Center disclosed in the report shows that Luohe Housing Provident Fund Center is connected to the National Housing Provident Fund data platform. Through blockchain technology, a tamper-proof, anti-counterfeit, and non-repudiation mechanism has been established for the entire process of data collection, transmission, storage, and use among the center, the Ministry of Construction and the State Administration of Taxation, and the core business system has been transformed. Connected to the National Housing Provident Fund data platform to ensure the accuracy and completeness of personal provident fund loans and related information, effectively safeguard the housing provident fund deposits and workers' rights and interests, and provide more efficient and convenient services for deposit workers.