Media: Zhongqingbao's blockchain business logic has no meaning, and the actual controller continues to reduce its holdings

According to a mutual pulse, Zhongqingbao (300052) issued the "2019 Annual Report" on March 27. The full text of the report mentions "blockchain" 8 times, 4 times as a foil to cloud computing, and 4 times related to a related transaction, but none of them appeared in the company's strategy or core business. The blockchain business is a "leaf" presence. However, in the past two years, Qingbao's promotion of blockchain business has involved blockchain mining, digital currency, games, traceability, government affairs, research, intelligent manufacturing, etc. The combination has already formed a block. Chain industry ecology. Zhongqingbao is also regarded by the market as the leader of the blockchain and is sought after by capital. However, according to the actual investigation, the so-called self-developed digital currency mining machine and the blockchain technology blessing game business of Zhongqingbao did not find any information on the operation status of the two projects. Observing the blockchain business involved in Zhongqingbao, it seems that both It is from the sky, there is no connection between them, there is no technology inheritance, the product is not copied, and the operation is not as follows. Whether or not the blockchain is useful is a problem, and it is a nonsense business logic.