Xiong'an New District's digital twin system based on new technologies such as blockchain has won international project approval

Recently, the ITU-T SG17 working group of the International Telecommunication Union held an online meeting. China's Xiong'an Group Digital City Technology Co., Ltd., in conjunction with China Unicom, China Electronics Technology Information Research Institute and other units submitted two proposals for smart city field standard approval. It is reported that the two international standards adopted this time are: "Security measure for digital twin system of smart cities" (Chinese: smart city digital twin system security mechanism) and "Security measure for smart residential community" (Chinese: smart community security mechanism) .

The so-called digital twin system refers to the overall concept of synchronously planning and constructing a digital city in a new area, and comprehensively uses new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, intelligent hardware, and AR / VR to build global awareness and interconnect everything A new type of smart city with ubiquitous computing, data-driven, and virtual reality.