People's Network: Blockchain improves management penetration and escorts for safe production

People's Daily published an article "Blockchain enhances management penetration to escort safe production". The article mentioned that at present, with the orderly progress of enterprises' resumption of work and production, in order to minimize the impact of the epidemic, enterprises rushing to schedule and rush to production may easily lead to security risks caused by ultra-intensive production and simplified operating procedures. The unique traceability and anti-tampering technology advantages of the blockchain can realize the penetrating management of safe operations, and improve the safety production management capability from the source. A blockchain-based safety production management system, combined with advanced technologies such as blockchain, identity authentication, and biometrics, has realized penetrating supervision of the entire security operation process, and has improved the governance of security work from the source. Utilizing the automatic synchronization mechanism of the blockchain nodes, the data of spring inspection personnel to overhaul equipment, replace old equipment, and equipment maintenance during the safety operation can be stored on-chain to form a digital work ticket, "Every equipment must be named for maintenance", which is effective. Plugging management loopholes reduces the risk of accidents.