Guangzhou Bank uses digital blockchain and other innovative technology to create a digital smart bank

On the morning of March 31, the Guangzhou Municipal Government Information Office held the 61st newsletter on epidemic prevention and control (a special topic on artificial intelligence and the digital economy). Rao Jieyi, deputy head of Tianhe District, introduced the development of artificial intelligence and digital industry in Tianhe District. Rao Jieyi introduced that in terms of digital finance, Tianhe District gathered 70% of the city's licensed financial institutions and 40% of legal financial institutions. Among them, there are 6 third-party payment institutions, as well as financial technology such as Citi Financial Information Services and ICBC Software Development Center. The Guangzhou Bank under its jurisdiction is also making full use of innovative scientific and technological means such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and blockchain to create a digital smart bank.