"Large and middle-class" cross-border "old miners", what do you think of the halving market under the global shock?

On March 31, "Wind Resurgence • 2020-Babbitt Global Partner Cloud Summit" continued wonderfully. Forum 4 "Large and Medium-sized" cross-border "old miners" talked about the halving market in the global shock. Guests in this session include: Zou Yongcheng, global CEO of RRMine (renren mine); bitcoin miner, technical geek Li Wei; bitcoin miner, traditional education industry senior talent Xu Weizhuo for 12 years; bitcoin mining investor, Asian blockchain Technology Association sponsor Dai Yi; Bitcoin mining investor and CEO of Computing Club Sister V.

In the face of financial turmoil, how do head computing platforms manage risks? Where are the opportunities for miners in the halving market? Why are high-level people in traditional industries entering the mining industry? From what perspective do they allocate assets? 14:00 pm, click the link to watch on time