RRMine Global CEO Zou Yongcheng: Halving the amount of coins will not decrease, and miners who have survived in March have no major impact

On March 31, "Wind Resurgence • 2020-Babbitt Global Partner Cloud Summit" continued wonderfully. RRMine Global CEO Zou Yong responded after halving the achievement. He said: Miners who have survived in March will experience a halving cycle with a steady increase in the amount of coin issued in the previous period, and there will be no short-term pain of a sharp decrease in coin output. With the halving of the difficulty of the entire network during the flood season, the miner's profit will be higher than before the halving. The RRMine / Renmin mining scene has made comprehensive consideration and adequate preparations for the halving of the market, and the user's computing power contract amount will not be greatly affected. The Renren mine will help users to smoothly cross the halving market. With the halving cycle, the network's computing power will be less difficult, and miners will be more optimistic about the market outlook.

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