OKEx invests in research: The rise has not been accompanied by a significant volume, and it is expected that a further rebound will be achieved after it stands at US $ 6300 ~ 6400

According to the OKEx spot display, as of the start of the European session, BTC temporarily reported at $ 6393.7 (0.80%). Yesterday, BTC started a small-level rebound after finishing around $ 5,800. After the currency price touched $ 6,600, there was a clear stagnation signal, and it was trading at $ 6,500. OKEx analyst Neo believes that the rebound from last night to this morning did not accompany a significantly enlarged volume, but the trend continued for several hours until there was a clear resistance at $ 6500, which proved to some extent 6000 ~ The US $ 6,400 area has fewer lock-ups, and a small amount of active buying can push the currency up. However, the single-hour inverted hammer at 4am indicates that the dense trading area in the US $ 6500 ~ 6900 area was still strong last week. resistance. Investors are reminded that if the trend can not break through and stand firm at US $ 6,500, they need to guard against the risk of falling back. Given that the current active selling activities are also relatively weak, the support below can temporarily focus on US $ 5,850. Risk Warning: There are risks in entering the market, and investment should be cautious.