RRMine Global CEO Zou Yongcheng: Layout of diversified computing power derivatives to promote the orderly process of the industry

On March 31, "Wind Resurgence • 2020-Babbitt Global Partner Cloud Summit" continued wonderfully. RRMine Global CEO Zou Yongcheng said that the Renren mining scene is uncertain about the fluctuations in the global capital market and the uncertainty of BTC's halving of the market, and has prepared in advance to deal with it. There are two layout considerations in the near future: First, the computing power of contract assets through traditional authorities Evaluation, third-party platform to carry out pledge credit services; secondly, plans to launch hash power hedging contract products to realize hash power hedging transactions; through diversified hash power derivatives, help users fight against future market risks and reduce user risks cost. Renren Mine will closely focus on the diversification of services in the cloud computing power industry, improve industry efficiency, mobilize industry activity, enrich industry resources, prosper industry formats, and accelerate the historical process of promoting the orderly and regularization of the computing power industry.

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