RRMine Global CEO Zou Yongcheng: Everyone mine has a computing power cost far below the market average

On March 31, "Wind Resurgence • 2020-Babbitt Global Partner Cloud Summit" continued wonderfully. RRMine Global CEO Zou Yongcheng said that the cost of computing power is mainly affected by two factors: electricity prices and power consumption of miners. At present, the average electricity cost per t / day of Renren Mine can be controlled at 0.22 yuan, and the electricity price of most platforms on the market is between 0.3 yuan and 0.37 yuan. With the decline of the computing power of the entire network, the Renren mine is shut down. Prices will continue to fall. In addition, the Renren mine platform has been in layout since August 2019. The main models have gradually been replaced with high-performance mining machines of t17, m21 and s17, which currently account for about 80% of the platform. It is expected that with the dynamic balance of network-wide computing power and the arrival of the flood season, costs will be further reduced. The cost of computing power, which is much lower than the market average, is one of the core competitiveness of Renren Mine.