Media: Many creditors dissatisfied with draft Mt.Gox liquidation compensation plan

According to previous reports, the Mt.Gox liquidation compensation plan has been postponed again, and the latest submission date is July 1. According to Kobayashi Nobunaga's previously released draft Mt.Gox liquidation compensation document, it supports fiat currencies, BTC and BCH debt settlement methods. For users claiming BTC and / or BCH, Mentougou also allows claimants to accept cash payments. Calculate the fiat currency value of crypto assets according to the exchange rate of BTC and BCH against the Japanese yen. However, the trustee may sell all or part of the debtor's BTC / BCH with the permission of the court. The Mentougou trustee does not plan to purchase additional BTC and BCH. The holdings of BTC and BCH in Mentougou may not be sufficient for acceptance. If this happens, creditors who require BTC / BCH liquidation will have some assets cleared in legal currency. This proposal has met with strong opposition from creditors, especially since most creditors want to be repaid through Bitcoin. Iverson Capital Group managing director Alex Ortega said that many creditors were dissatisfied with the draft liquidation compensation plan and believed that trustees should not be allowed to sell recovered bitcoins in order to resolve fiat currency claims first. "Most of these creditors are Bitcoin professionals themselves, and they want to stay on the market; therefore, selling Bitcoin and paying in fiat currency will not only lock the price when it exits, limit its potential upside, but also cause the market to sell. Like what happened in 2018, it could be a mess. "