Analyst: Bitcoin's recent crash is not surprising, and people's concerns about its future are overstated

Cryptocurrency analyst Mati Greenspan said in a letter to investors that the recent crash of Bitcoin and the collapse of traditional markets are not surprising. He believes that concerns about whether Bitcoin has a future after the turbulent callback has been exaggerated. He said, "At present, there seems to be an existential problem in the crypto market. People say that if Bitcoin cannot rise in this environment, it may not have much reason to exist. After all, during these years, during the financial crisis The argument for using Bitcoin as a safe haven has been quite strong, so it's time for BTC to shine. However, Bitcoin was invented to provide us with a way to substitute currencies. This fluctuation is largely due to It's new and its yields are erratic, which has led to a lot of speculation. So, for me, one measure of success is that Bitcoin keeps a slow but steady trend, not the price due to global uncertainty rise."