Director of Copyright Channel Department of People's Daily: People's Daily will promote the application of blockchain and other technologies in visual content

According to the People's Daily News, on March 31, People's Daily in Beijing held an online seminar on the integration and development of the "People's Vision Network". Bai Na, director of the Copyright Channel Department of the People's Network, stated that People's Vision Network will promote artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies in The technical service capabilities and content review and rights maintenance capabilities of visual content tracing, copyright protection, on-chain certificate storage, and communication tracking, relying on the seven major advantages and brand characteristics of the unique operation service of People's Network, converged to strengthen the resource cooperation of all parties in the industry, becoming the most Providers of high-quality visual original content. Bigger and stronger visual content original aggregation service capabilities, audit risk control capabilities, professional training capabilities, technological upgrading capabilities, transaction monetization capabilities, and form a strong market competitiveness and public opinion guidance in the visual content industry. .