BitMEX parent company HDR will provide $ 100,000 development funding for Bitcoin Core

BitMEX parent company HDR Global Trading announced that it will increase development funding for Bitcoin Core (Bitcoin Core Developer) to $ 100,000. It is understood that the largest contributors to directly funding the open source development of Bitcoin are Blockstream and Lightning Labs. The number of hired developers engaged in open source Bitcoin or Lightning Network related projects ranks in the top two, followed by Square Crypto, MIT DCI, Chaincode Labs, Purse, DG Labs, Acinq, Xapo, Hardcore Fund, Private Donors, BitMEX, OKCoin, and BTSE. The largest contributor to financial support for Bitcoin Core is Chaincode Labs, followed by Blockstream, MIT DCI, DG Labs, Square Crypto, Hardcore Fund, private donors, BitMEX, and Xapo.