Super planet token GDP price "zeroed", questioned

According to the Daily Economic News, recently, the price of GDP of the digital currency project Super Planet has "returned to zero", and the market software shows that its price is 0.009 yuan / piece, which has fallen by nearly 90% within one year. Super Planet ’s official Weibo “Super Planet Hyperland” has many voices questioning whether it has run away. The project's rights group has also been established with hundreds of members. In addition, the reporter of “” found that in the Super Planet APP, the only wealth management item still on sale is MOF Planet. To purchase this wealth management item, you need to read and accept the “Convertible Bond Agreement”. The agreement shows that the principal of the bond The total amount is limited to 7000QC, and the annual interest rate is as high as 100% -250%. A senior lawyer in the blockchain industry told this that this digital currency financial management model has legal risks. Issuing convertible bonds is actually a disguised ICO (initial token issuance).