Huobi China Yuan Yuming: Digital dollar system can more accurately control currency issuance and circulation, etc.

On March 31, Yuan Yuming, CEO of Huobi China and Dean of Huobi Blockchain Research Institute, said in an online training camp that the value transmission function can be achieved without the use of blockchain, but it is not possible to unify all matters by a certain organization Settlement, cross-border transfers, payments, and donations. Each country has a central bank clearing system. It cannot be settled by a single institution. Blockchain is required to open up. For example, under the influence of Libra, China's DCEP and other digital currencies, the Fed's recent attitude towards issuing official digital dollars has become relatively open, saying it has begun research. Recently, central banks of various countries are releasing water to stimulate the economy. It is unclear whether it can have a good effect. The digital dollar system can more accurately issue subsidies, precisely control currency issuance, circulation, economy, and investment, and promote the international governance system and governance capabilities. modernization. The core idea of ​​the digital dollar is to provide users with accounts directly managed by the Federal Reserve, and to issue checks to the users in the form of economic relief and subsidies instead of checks. But in the end the Fed did not adopt this idea.