Chengdu releases 9 measures to help new economic development

According to the People's Daily News, on March 31, the first launch conference of 2020 Chengdu new economy and new scene new products was successfully held. At the conference, "Several Policies and Measures for the Opportunity to Accelerate the Development of the New Economy" (hereinafter referred to as "Policy Measures") were released on the spot. The "Policy Measures" pointed out that supporting hard-core technology research has led to new scenarios. Support enterprises to independently or lead the establishment of "innovative application laboratories", focusing on artificial intelligence, network collaborative manufacturing, cloud computing and big data, biotechnology, blockchain and other hard core technologies and interface standards to carry out market-oriented application research and breakthrough scenarios Provide technical support. For the leading enterprises undertaking the "Innovation and Application Lab" project, the New Economy Angel Investment Fund in conjunction with social capital may make the first investment; for those who have obtained a round of financing, the New Economy Angel Investment Fund and the Technology Venture Angel Investment Fund may follow up.