China's blockchain landscape moves west: Gansu 14 cities deploy blockchain service network

Source: Firebird Finance, the original title "Gansu 14 Cities Connected to the East and West, Blockchain Blockchain is Changing"

Author: Jessie

On March 26, the Blockchain Service Network (BSN) in Dingxi City, Gansu Province passed the BSN Development Alliance's network access review and was allowed to enter the blockchain service network. So far, 14 cities and prefectures in Gansu have deployed a blockchain service network, with the ability to implement blockchain applications across the province and the country.

Gansu has 14 BSN city nodes

The construction of Gansu Mobile's BSN started in May 2019. It first built Gansu's first BSN node in the Silk Road Big Data Industrial Park in Lanzhou New District, which is also the 18th blockchain city node in the country, and subsequently, the construction of blockchain service network city nodes in 13 other cities and states Start one after another.

As of now, China Mobile has built 69 blockchain city nodes across the country and 14 in Gansu, ranking second in the country in terms of the number of city nodes.

BSN, the Blockchain-based ServiceNetwork, was officially launched in Beijing on October 15, 2019. It is planned by the top level of the National Information Center, and independently developed by China Mobile and China UnionPay. It is a Chinese-owned independent A global service network of intellectual property rights and China's control of network access.

It is understood that based on the actual needs of Gansu Province, Gansu Mobile is also actively exploring and promoting the cooperation of blockchain technology in commodity traceability, supply chain finance, e-government, Internet of Things, etc., to rapidly promote the application of blockchain in Gansu; At the same time, continue to promote the "5G + Blockchain" plan, and accelerate the deep integration of blockchain with 5G, artificial intelligence, big data and other cutting-edge technologies.

Gansu continues to make efforts on the blockchain

In fact, since the second half of last year, Gansu has continued to exert its power on the blockchain.

On September 18, 2019, the Gansu Big Data Application Technology Industry Association was established. The association aims to promote the implementation of advanced information technology and industrial applications such as real-time big data analysis and data brain in Gansu, and seize the historical opportunity of "overtaking on curves" To promote the deep integration of the big data industry in all areas of Gansu Province.

On December 5 last year, the General Office of the Gansu Provincial People's Government issued the "Implementation Plan for the Integration of the" Belt and Road "and the Construction of an Information High Point in the New Era of Gansu", emphasizing the implementation of strategic emerging industry innovation projects. Promote cross-border innovation and application of new technologies such as blockchain, digital creativity, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things, and accelerate the cultivation or introduction of blockchain enterprises. The "Plan" also mentioned that a new industrialized industrial demonstration base in a big data country will be built. Increase investment in the research and development of core blockchain technology, accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation, and create a demonstration of the integrated application of blockchain technology in the cross-border commerce and logistics field.

Beginning at the end of last year, the application of blockchain in cities in Gansu Province has gradually ushered in a high light moment:

19.11.20: Guazhou County, Jiuquan City, Gansu Province and Lijiang Jinshayun Blockchain Big Data Industry Development Co., Ltd. have successfully signed a blockchain big data application project of 1.7 billion yuan;

19.12.28: Lanzhou Rail Transit Line 1 connected to blockchain technology officially launched WeChat, Alipay, and “Wing Payment APP” code scanning and gate-crossing services. Lanzhou Rail Co., Ltd. uses cutting-edge technologies such as Internet big data and blockchain to synchronize with existing two-dimensional code electronic ticketing technology, and launches two-dimensional code interoperability services for urban rail transit, successfully achieving the "Lanzhou Rail" APP two-dimensional code and Shanghai Metro "Metro Metropolis" APP QR code interconnects business in terms of riding, deduction, itinerary inquiry, electronic invoice issuance, etc .;

2020.1: Gansu Mobile, under the guidance of the Gansu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, led the establishment of the Gansu Provincial Blockchain (Mobile) Innovation Incubation Base, accelerated the first trial of blockchain applications, and provided blockchain development enterprises, universities, and research institutes. Provide low-cost blockchain “cloud, network, chain” services to promote the development of the blockchain industry;

2020.1.9: Gansu Provincial Blockchain Development and Application Launch Conference, Gansu Provincial Blockchain Research Institute and other 4 research institutions were unveiled at the same time. In addition, relevant scientific research institutions in the province have signed cooperation agreements with some enterprises inside and outside the province to build the provincial blockchain industry technology center;

2020.1.16: The signing ceremony of the 5G + Gannan Prefecture Big Data Service Application Innovation Construction Cooperation Framework Agreement was officially held. The agreement aims to promote the deep integration of new technologies such as 5G and blockchain with government affairs, tourism, and education;

2020.2.10 The Gansu Provincial Public Resource Trading Bureau, in conjunction with Ant Blockchain, Alibaba Cloud, and Gansu Wenrui, developed an online bid evaluation system based on the Ant BaaS platform. It is understood that the system went online for 3 days and completed the online bid opening of 11 bidding sections of 7 transportation construction projects, and participated in more than 50 bidding enterprises with a transaction value of 1.62 billion yuan;

China's blockchain landscape moves west

Since 2020, the role of blockchain in digital economy and other fields has become increasingly prominent, and it has also appeared more frequently in the work reports of local governments.

According to statistics, 22 provinces across the country have written the blockchain into the 2020 government work report. In fact, in addition to the provinces and cities that have always been in the first echelon of the blockchain, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen, there are also central and western provinces such as Gansu, Qinghai, Sichuan, and Yunnan that see blockchain as a way to accelerate traditional physical industries and modern service industries. A great boost for quality development.

Earlier this year, Shaanxi Province issued the "Implementation Opinions of the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government of the Communist Party of China on Doing a Good Job in the Key Areas of Agriculture, Rural Areas, and Farmers" to Ensure the Full-scale Well-off Construction on Schedule. The "Opinions" specifically mentioned the application of blockchain in agricultural finance, agricultural insurance, quality and safety traceability, supply chain, precision poverty alleviation, etc .; and proposed the construction of agricultural and rural big data centers to accelerate the Internet of Things, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. 5. The application of modern information technologies such as fifth-generation mobile communication networks and smart weather in the agricultural field.

Chongqing also mentioned the blockchain four times in the government work report: in promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, it implemented a special action plan for high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, and introduced special policies such as biomedicine, blockchain, and industrial Internet; "Screen device nuclear network" on the entire industrial chain, upgrade the blockchain industry innovation base to promote the development of blockchain technology and industry innovation; in the construction of "cloud-connected computing" element cluster, the construction of AI computing, block Chains are the supporting enabling platforms.

Blockchain has been increasingly valued by the central and western regions.

Zheng Lei, the Deputy Dean of the Hong Kong International New Economic Research Institute and a special expert at the Shenzhen Bay Area International Financial Technology Laboratory once said: "Because the blockchain is in the early stages of development, the gap between the provinces has not clearly opened. Follow up with the blockchain in a timely manner. Technology is an opportunity to reduce the gap between the central and western regions and the eastern region and improve social governance. "

Looking at the work reports of local governments this year, it is not difficult to find that the government has put forward more specific and detailed requirements for the development plan of the blockchain, especially in the fields of government affairs and digital economy, which have received widespread attention. It can be seen that in the future, the blockchain may become a new track for overtaking in economic corners of many provinces and cities.