The data shows that EOS has increased the number of Dapp active users by 68.77% in the past month.

According to RatingDapp and RatingToken big data monitoring, in the past month, the three major public EOS/ETH/TRON Dapp active users were EOS (407961)>TRON(295291)>ETH(119247), the largest increase in active users of EOSDapp last month. Up to 68.77%, ETH decreased by 6.43%, and TRON increased by 26.06%. In terms of transaction volume, in the past month, EOSDapp transaction volume was 128355783.71EOS, down 1% from the previous month; ETH Dapp transaction volume was 1346731.08ETH, an increase of 17.84% from the previous month; TRON Dapp transaction volume was 13427690543.64TRX, a decrease of 59.82% from the previous month.