Covantis plans agricultural entity to establish legal entity in Geneva

On March 31, the Covantis plan, co-sponsored by COFCO, ADM, Bangui, Cargill, COFCO, Louis Davos Group and Glencore Agriculture, announced that it has obtained all necessary regulatory approvals to establish a legal entity in Geneva, Switzerland Named Covantis SA. The company is co-owned by the founding members of the Covantis program. Petya Sechanova, the company's chief executive officer, said: "Switzerland is a thriving technology innovation center with a lot of talent and deep expertise in blockchain solutions. Geneva's location makes it ours and the whole The ideal place for value chain stakeholders to continue working together, we will build on this industry to create a new digital platform for the industry. "According to previous reports, Covantis has selected ConsenSys, which focuses on Ethereum, as a technology partner.