Celo offers $ 700,000 grant to 13 startups

Open source payment network Celo announced its first round of development grant recipients. Celo has provided $ 700,000 in grants to 13 companies. These companies hope to build business on their network, contribute to the development of the Celo platform, or cultivate the Celo community. The project has received grant proposals from more than 50 panels in 16 different countries and will continue to accept proposals until May 19.

Recipients of products and services built on Celo include charity market platform eSolidar, Philippine digital gift card platform BeamCo, Brazilian crypto technology platform LoveCrypto, payment platform Pay with Moon, and bill remittance platform SaldoMX. The non-profit organization Social Impact Blockchain Alliance (BSIG) is also a recipient of Celo's grants. The biggest beneficiaries are startups that have contributed to the development of the Celo platform, including Chorus One, Forbole, Gitcoin, Stake.fish, Figment, Gauntlet, and Chainsafe.