Analysis: Simple factors indicate that Bitcoin's computing power will continue to decline, and the market is expected to show signs of rebound

The recent volatility of Bitcoin has caused some serious technical damage to its market structure, and has also led to the large-scale surrender of Bitcoin miners. Bitcoin dropped from $ 10,500 to a low of $ 3,800, making many smaller miners no longer profitable. The continuous surrender of miners is manifested in Bitcoin's computing power, which has declined significantly in the past three weeks. The decline may be far from over, as some simple factors seem to indicate that more miners may surrender in the near future. Although some people think that the decline in hash power is a symbol of the potential weakness of the network, this may actually be a sign that Bitcoin is expected to rebound significantly in the short term. The decline in hash power may indicate that Bitcoin is about to see a reduction in selling pressure provided by miners Bringing huge rebound space to the benchmark cryptocurrency.