Luo Bin: Mining power costs can be as low as 1 gross, different miners are affected differently by the currency price

On the evening of March 31, at the "Hundred Regiments, Mining Online Summit", Luo Nan, director of Jianan Yunzhi Avalon's overseas sales, shared that from the recent data, the computing power of Bitcoin has dropped by 16% , Such as S9, A8, A9 and other miners have reached the shutdown price. However, the cost of electricity for miners is very different. For example, the average cost of mining power is more than 3 cents, and the cost of electricity for some miners can be as low as 1 cent, and he can afford lower bitcoin prices. In fact, even if the miner has reached the shutdown price, some miners continue to mine because they have paid for the electricity in advance and have to continue mining.