Dundee: The real blockchain should have three capabilities: compliance, innovation links and resource allocation.

Babbitt reported that on April 3, at the 2019 Internet Yuelu Summit held in Changsha, Deng Yiyun, chairman of the delegation of Davos China Blockchain, and Dundi’s head of the Chinese blockchain delegation said in a special speech at the blockchain: The blockchain should have three capabilities: compliance, innovation links, and resource allocation. The ability to research, discover and adapt to compliance is a necessary prerequisite for the long-term development of the project; the ability to link innovation means that in addition to interconnecting within the alliance chain, cross-border cooperation should also be possible, which will be important for judging the application of blockchain. Standards; and the ability to allocate resources is because the chaotic period of the blockchain industry has passed, lacking reasonable business logic, and there is no room for development in projects lacking actual asset support. Only projects with the ability to deploy real-world resources can compete. Exist in the middle.