Consolidation trend continues, around 5600 and 7,000 USD may break through key positions

According to the OKEx spot display, as of the start of the European session, BTC temporarily reported at $ 6292.1 (-2.49%).

Yesterday, after failing to continuously test the USD 6,500, BTC dropped slightly to around USD 6,300 and is now supported by USD 6,250. OKEx analyst Neo believes that the currency price has always fluctuated within the range of less than $ 1,000 this week, and the rebound has never reached the upper edge of the $ 7,000 consolidation, and the fall cannot reach the lower edge of the $ 5600 consolidation. No matter whether the energy is rising or falling, it cannot break the current In a balanced pattern, the trading volume at the hour level has also reached a staged top that cannot be broken for a long time and occasionally increased after failing to break below the staged bottom support. The probability is attributed to the result of the retaliatory reverse pull of funds, but it is very Difficult to continue. At this stage, for investors, referring to the four important points of 6500, 6300, 6000, and 5800 US dollars for short-term operations may be a good choice in the shock market.