AAX launches exchange platform token AAB, pioneering 100% daily revenue repurchase and destruction model

On April 1, the digital asset trading platform AAX announced that it would launch its platform token AAB. AAB not only has the attributes of a token, but also an important part of the AAX exchange. Through the cooperation between AAX and the London Stock Exchange partner platform and financial institution customers, AAB links digital assets with global finance. At the same time, AAB will also deeply integrate with a series of innovative financial products launched by AAX, such as index derivatives and securities tokens.

The total number of AABs issued is 50 million, of which 10 million AABs will be on sale on April 14th, and will be available for trading on the 16th after two limited-time flash sales. In addition, the AAX platform futures contract market transaction fee income will be used for 100% of AAB's daily repurchase and destruction until the destruction amount reaches half of the total supply. This is also the first and only 100% daily repurchase and destruction of platform coins in the market.

AAX has now reached strategic investment partnerships with many well-known institutions such as Red Chain Capital, LINKVC, Hunter Capital, Genesis Capital, KBank Capital, TokenIsight, and Asset Management Network. Intensive cooperation in many aspects. https://bit.ly/2WZTLS8