Data show that in March, due to market fluctuations, the stablecoin market issued an additional 1.97 billion US dollars

According to data on the stablecoin special page, as of March 31, the total USDT circulation was US $ 6.26 billion, an increase of US $ 1.42 billion from the previous month, and the growth momentum was obvious. Among them, the total ERC20-USDT circulation continued to expand. From 2.72 billion last month to 4.24 billion US dollars. The total issuance of emerging stable currencies was $ 1.52 billion, a significant increase of $ 550 million from the previous month's 970 million. Among them, the total issuance of USDC is 693 million US dollars, accounting for 45.5%, and it continues to maintain its first position, gradually opening up from other emerging stable currencies; the total PAX issuance is 248 million US dollars, accounting for 16..3% Ranked second; BUSD ranked third, with a total circulation of USD 187 million, accounting for 12.3%; HUSD issued a volume of 140 million, ranking fourth. On the whole, due to the sharp fluctuation of the currency price, the demand for trading and hedging made both USDT and emerging stablecoins significantly increase in March.