The major difference between Bitfinex's official "white paper" and the Chinese version: not a permanent repurchase, LEO expects a return or will be significantly reduced

According to Weibo blogger “AlbertTheKing”, Zhao Dong’s official English “White Paper” document released last night has an important difference from the previously published Chinese white paper. The Chinese version of the white paper uses iFinex to repurchase LEO forever. Continued, this is the foundation of LEO equal to equity; in the English version of the repurchase is only temporary, as long as the repurchase of 90% of LEO, BFX will terminate the repurchase. In other words, the BFX promised to give LEO holders a fixed percentage of dividends forever, and will only pay dividends for a short period of time. How long does it take to pay dividends? It depends on the market value of LEO after listing. The lower the market value, the BFX repo. The faster the speed. In this case, BFX's natural will have the incentive to drive down the market value of LEO, and at the same time lead to a significant reduction in the expected return on holding LEO. However, it is worth noting that the current published English version of the "White Paper" is not the final version.