The Maker Foundation once again calls on the community to actively vote: participation in governance is not only a right, it is also a responsibility

On April 1, the Maker Foundation official blog posted that in the next three months, the Maker Foundation and the community will have several important governance discussions around the "decentralization" theme. The Maker Foundation once again emphasizes the importance of community participation in voting: successful decentralization depends not only on the community's ongoing commitment to core governance goals, but also on the participation of more users. More participants are essential for (MakerDAO) to make informed decisions and achieve full autonomous sustainability. In any election, the low willingness of voters to participate can lead to the suboptimal voting results, which is especially challenging for decentralization. A community-managed system requires well-involved community involvement to succeed. Participation in the Maker governance process is not only a right for MKR holders, it is also a responsibility.