Kunming subway issues Yunnan's first public blockchain blockchain electronic invoice

According to the news from the Central Broadcasting Network, yesterday (1st) in the afternoon, Kunming Metro Blockchain electronic invoice was officially launched, this is also the first public transport sector blockchain electronic invoice in Yunnan Province. From now on, passengers who use the “Kunming Metro WeChat boarding code” can apply for a blockchain electronic invoice within 90 days from the date of boarding.

It is reported that the use of blockchain technology to "chain" invoices, so that small invoices have distributed storage, full traceability of the entire process, information can not be tampered and so on. Payment is invoiced, and the blockchain electronic invoice realizes the closed-loop of the whole process of “ride + payment + invoicing” for passengers. Open WeChat anytime, anywhere to fully invoicing, and you can choose to print reimbursement or online reimbursement according to your needs. Waiting in the station to avoid congestion due to obtaining invoices during peak hours, saving resources and costs for all parties, and greatly improving the experience of subway traffic, invoicing and reimbursement.