2020 Central Enterprise Blockchain Development Report Released: Nearly 40% of central enterprises are involved in the chain, and supply chain finance has the most landing applications

Article 丨 Interlink Pulse Institute · Sanzi

[Interlink Pulse Press] After the "1024 Conference", the blockchain technology rose to the national strategy, and the central enterprises acted as an important force in the implementation of the "national strategy." Interlink Pulse specially released the "2020 Central Enterprise Blockchain Development Report" from the overview of central enterprises involved in blockchain, the construction of the underlying blockchain of central enterprises, the participation of central enterprises in blockchain alliances, and the blockchain of central enterprises The application is introduced in four aspects, and the application value and development thinking of the central enterprise blockchain are discussed.

On April 1, Interchain Pulse released the "2020 Central Enterprise Blockchain Development Report". The report shows that as of March 2020, 48 of the 125 central enterprises have explicitly entered the blockchain field, accounting for 38.4. %, And are mainly distributed in the eight major sectors-finance, space transportation, chemical energy, electronic communications, construction and real estate, agriculture, forestry / grain / light industry, steel and pharmaceuticals. Among them, the top three state-owned enterprises account for nearly 70%.

In addition, central enterprises have laid out 10 blockchain underlying platforms and 5 major industry blockchain alliances, all of which are concentrated in 2018-2019. These facilities indicate that the current construction framework of China's "chain network" has taken shape.

Inter-chain pulse statistics found that among the landing projects, the central enterprises participated most in blockchain supply chain finance. The reason is that the scale advantage and influence of central enterprises can be effectively extended to the industrial chain of supply chain finance, which can better leverage the leverage of central enterprises, empower more enterprises, and is expected to take the lead in industrialization. application.

The following are the details of the report: