Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Zheng Zhiming: Blockchain is the smallest gap between Chinese and foreign information technology

According to the Chinese Xiong'an official website, on March 31, the Xiong'an Blockchain Lab was officially unveiled. At the unveiling ceremony, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Zheng Zhiming said that blockchain has six important technical characteristics:

1. Trust technology. The first relatively mature trust system established through technology in human history. Through this system, both parties can establish a trust relationship with each other.

2. Sharing technology. The system can establish a trusted information sharing relationship with each other.

3. Rule technology. Through smart contracts established on the blockchain, every interaction or transaction can guarantee 100% contract execution, ensuring that "there are policies and countermeasures."

4. Expansion technology. The currently used windows and android systems are data or information interaction systems, while the blockchain system is a rule interaction system. Where the blockchain system is expanded, the rules are promoted wherever it is, so it is a technology that competes for international governance.

5. Governance technology. Through smart contracts and adding different levels of supervision nodes to the blockchain system, penetrating supervision of data and operating conditions is carried out.

6. Synchronous with the international community, currently focusing on technology research and development, several influential blockchains have been launched. Application development is the main domestic sector, and various domestic industries are actively using blockchain applications. However, no matter from the perspective of theory or key technologies, blockchain is the technology with the smallest gap between Chinese and foreign information fields.