"EOS Ecology" fund disk project has collected 17 million in the name of EOS node

Recently, a project promotion called "EOS Ecology" appeared in some speculative currency groups in the form of App. The investigation found that the app is under the banner of EOS node, advocating static and dynamic income mode, pulling people into the deposit and accelerating the return of capital. It is full of funds and pyramid schemes. This low-level wealth collection technique still attracts a group of outsiders . In the promotion group, many middle-aged and elderly people have charged coins in the EOS ecological app. They are mostly introduced by friends, some want to bet on it, and some firmly believe that it is "not MLM". Even if they can't operate, they need someone to help them invest. According to the promoters of the project, the source of revenue of the EOS ecosystem is to vote for the super nodes to obtain dividends. Nor is it a standby node. And judging from the amount of money on the address, this problem project has attracted over 17 million yuan in gold in one and a half years.