Enterprise Ethereum Software Client Enters Japanese Market, Hitachi Group Establishes Cooperation with ConsenSys

According to Decytpt reported on April 2, ConsenSys will help technology giant Hitachi Group introduce the enterprise-grade Ethereum software client PegaSys Plus to the Japanese market.

Hitachi partners with ConsenSys to expand its blockchain-based business solutions

Starting today, Hitachi will partner with ConsenSys to expand its blockchain-based business solutions. Hitachi Solutions, Hitachi's consulting and core information technology department, will provide Japanese customers with solutions based on PegaSys, which runs on Ethereum's public and private chain versions.

A ConsenSys spokesperson said that Hitachi Solutions will be the global distributor / distributor for PegaSys Plus, but its focus is on the Japanese market.

She added:

Through the Hyperledger Foundation, ConsenSys is also considering joint research and development with Hitachi on commercial projects.

ConsenSys said that Hitachi Solutions and Hitachi have customers who want to conduct proof of concept and develop projects on Ethereum. They have already used Hyperledger Fabric to serve their customers, and now they will begin to provide solutions based on PegaSys Plus.

An official statement from ConsenSys reads:

Hitachi Solutions and ConsenSys will collaborate to provide comprehensive services and solutions for decentralized applications on PegaSys Plus, including the introduction, development, operations and customer education of proof of concept (PoCs).

According to the statement, customers will be able to use PegaSys in various fields including financial services, healthcare, supply chain, logistics and retail. PegaSy's client will also provide additional business features such as security configuration, real-time event streaming, advanced monitoring and database encryption.

A ConsenSys spokesperson added:

The joint program will provide customers with a variety of end-to-end solutions, whether it be education, training, proof of concept, or cross-use case production builds, all of which will use PegaSys.

Decrypt previously reported that ConsenSys became a premium member of the Hyperledger project in September last year, the latter focusing on open source technologies related to enterprise blockchains.

Currently, the partnership between ConsenSys and Hitachi is primarily a distribution channel. However, they have begun to consider "plans for joint development and joint market launch."

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