Market analysis L: Although the callback low point continues to move up, the bulls still lack the energy to break the consolidation pattern

According to the OKEx spot display, as of the start of the European session, BTC temporarily reported at $ 6630.3 (6.45%). This morning, BTC started a strong rebound at the hour level above $ 6150. However, the trend was blocked when it touched below $ 6800, which was the dense trading area last week, but the retracement was limited. The current currency price stabilized above $ 6600.

OKEx analyst Neo believes that as the trend of the past three weeks has entered a period of stability, the callback low of the hour level has gradually moved from US $ 5650 to around US $ 5850, and then to US $ 6150 yesterday. Recovery, however, the failure to test the US $ 6800 means limited upside energy and it is difficult to continue. Therefore, if the currency price can stabilize above US $ 6500 ~ 6600 today, it is possible to test the top area again. Otherwise, we need to pay attention to whether the bottom after the correction Continue to move up, if it falls below 6,150 US dollars to consolidate or extend.

After continuously under pressure at 135 US dollars, ETH finally broke through this morning and showed signs of stabilization. If the currency price in the day can continue to be supported by 135 US dollars, there is a certain probability that the market will continue to break above 140 US dollars and even test the strong resistance of 145 US dollars. Or look for support near $ 130. XRP ’s rebound momentum has not diminished after breaking through 0.1750 US dollars. Although it is temporarily under pressure at 0.1785 US dollars, it needs to pay attention to whether the callback can continue to be supported by 0.1785 US dollars. When it stabilizes, it can expect further rebound.