Babbitt Midday News at a glance

1. The total amount of “brick arbitrage” fraud exceeded 35,000 ETH, of which 3433 have been cashed on Bity Exchange.

2. Today's panic and greed index is 12, the level of panic is the same as yesterday.

3. IBM praised its new CEO for playing an important role in the development of blockchain business.

4. Affected by the epidemic, the deployment rate of Azure, Microsoft's blockchain cloud platform, decreased.

5. Roche Freedman, an American law firm, filed 11 class actions against the encryption industry.

6. Morgan Creek co-founder: Bitcoin will once again reach a historical high of $ 20,000 in September this year.

7. Xiong'an issued two project bidding announcements, both of which required fund management through a blockchain fund management platform.

8. Secretary of Qingdao Municipal Committee: Accelerate the use of new technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and blockchain to empower enterprises.