Economic Daily Commentator: Using blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies to build a comprehensive city management database

On April 5, the Economic Daily commentator's article stated that to make cities smarter and smarter, we must respect the laws of urban development and master scientific working methods and strategies. We must start with the many elements, structures, functions, etc. that constitute the city, carefully deploy and conduct in-depth research on major issues, step by step, and systematically advance; use scientific and technological innovation methods and cutting-edge technologies to improve system governance in urban transportation, cultural tourism, and health Ability to learn from the existing construction achievements of cities such as Hangzhou to create more scalable experiences throughout the country; constantly improve the city's intelligent management and services, use big data, cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies to promote urban management methods, Innovate the management model and management concept and build a comprehensive city management database.